MAXAIR NIOSH PAPR Systems deliver optimum comfortable, convenient, and cost effective respiratory protection versus N95 mask and conventional powered air purifying respirators.

    Adjustable Air Flow for Any Activity, Light Weight, Quiet, Spacious Head-Room
    Hose-Free for Optimum Freedom-of-Movement, Stethoscope Compatible, Easy Decon
    Up to 20 Hours Use per Charge, NO FIT TESTING Required, Low Cost Disposables
  • SAFE
    HE Level Filtration, Always On and Visible Low Battery and Air Flow LED Indicators, Minimized CO2 Buildup, No Bulky Belt Unit

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MAXAIR’s patented, Hose-Free, everything-in-the-helmet design, includes:

Always-On-And-Visible (in peripheral vision) safety LED displays for both air-flow (filter status) and battery charge level (run time remaining).

Hose-Free so no chance of catching on objects while moving around.

HE level filtration efficiencies.

Computer regulated air flow, user adjustable to meet activity level requirements.

MAXAIR's air control channels direct the air gently past the face, for a cooling effect, and then funnel the air, and exhalation, out through the cuff to minimize any CO2 buildup.

This lens anti-fogging air flow ensures clear vision even during strenuous activity.

There is less system weight to reduce wearer fatigue during long periods of use because MAXAIR's design eliminated the need for a bulky belt-mounted unit.

With less system bulk and virtually no protrusions beyond the wearer's body, MAXAIR eliminates the likelihood of the user getting caught, bumping, or snagging on other objects in the work area.

And, with MAXAIR, you always know the condition of the two life saving system components. In addition to the Always-On-And-Visible safety status LED indicators, you can always see the integrity of the filter and the battery as they are not hidden.

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Cost Effective

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MAXAIR's unprecedented Safety, Comfort, and Convenience add up to the most cost effective respiratory protection system to implement.

MAXAIR minimizes staffing and scheduling issues as it facilitates wearer compliance.

10 and 20 continuous hours of use per charge from its unique Li-Ion batteries mean additional time savings in taking workers away from their work.

Complete Elimination of FIT TESTING more than offsets the initial cost of MAXAIR versus N95s (see Articles section for published references on costs).

And, MAXAIR's lower cost disposables per change out and lower maintenance versus conventional PAPRs makes even heavily discounted units more costly over time.

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MAXAIR's comfortable and convenient design facilitates worker compliance.

Hose-Free - Optimum Freedom-of-Movement is more than a convenience, it is a necessity in the workplace. Hoses (breathing tubes) are antonyms for Freedom-of-Movement.

MAXAIR optimizes donning and doffing convenience with the simplest design -
   1. Don the lightweight Battery and Belt.
   2. Snap-on a Face/Heacover and don the Helmet.
   3. Don your body covering.
Simple and fast!

The lowest noise level available and the cuff design can be comfortably worn by any worker, and is stethoscope compatible. Optimized convenience because any worker any time can perform virtually any job almost as if they weren't wearing a respirator.

With the least exposed and smoothest and most easily wiped down surfaces, MAXAIR is the most convenient to decontaminate between users and uses.

Additionally, MAXAIR is the more convenient from one use to another over time as there are virtually no maintenance and manual user tests required.

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MAXAIR's unique HOSE-FREE design is up to 33% lighter (or more!) than conventional PAPRs.

Less weight and less bulk is more comfortable to wear, particularly for long periods of use.

Comfortable breathing is facilitated by the microprocessor air flow controller whose output can be user adjusted to meet their activity level.

Controlled channeling of the air flow as accomplished by MAXAIR's unique helmet design, versus conventional PAPRs' head covers, provides a gentle cooling effect for the wearer - it is usually more comfortable inside than outside!

Nothing can be less comforting than noise. MAXAIR's whisper quiet motor-blower provides the lowest guaranteed noise levels available, at less than 62 dB.

Additionally, it is almost impossible to be comfortable if you are in a closed in, claustrophobic space. MAXAIR's Fixed-Space helmet design, provides more spacious head room and a roomier feeling than conventional PAPRs.

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