MAXAIR’s patented, Hose-Free, everything-in-the-helmet design, includes:

Always-On-And-Visible (in peripheral vision) safety LED displays for both air-flow (filter status) and battery charge level (run time remaining).

Hose-Free so no chance of catching on objects while moving around.

HE level filtration efficiencies.

Computer regulated air flow, user adjustable to meet activity level requirements.

MAXAIR's air control channels direct the air gently past the face, for a cooling effect, and then funnel the air, and exhalation, out through the cuff to minimize any CO2 buildup.

This lens anti-fogging air flow ensures clear vision even during strenuous activity.

There is less system weight to reduce wearer fatigue during long periods of use because MAXAIR's design eliminated the need for a bulky belt-mounted unit.

With less system bulk and virtually no protrusions beyond the wearer's body, MAXAIR eliminates the likelihood of the user getting caught, bumping, or snagging on other objects in the work area.

And, with MAXAIR, you always know the condition of the two life saving system components. In addition to the Always-On-And-Visible safety status LED indicators, you can always see the integrity of the filter and the battery as they are not hidden.

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