MAXAIR's comfortable and convenient design facilitates worker compliance.

Hose-Free - Optimum Freedom-of-Movement is more than a convenience, it is a necessity in the workplace. Hoses (breathing tubes) are antonyms for Freedom-of-Movement.

MAXAIR optimizes donning and doffing convenience with the simplest design -
   1. Don the lightweight Battery and Belt.
   2. Snap-on a Face/Heacover and don the Helmet.
   3. Don your body covering.
Simple and fast!

The lowest noise level available and the cuff design can be comfortably worn by any worker, and is stethoscope compatible. Optimized convenience because any worker any time can perform virtually any job almost as if they weren't wearing a respirator.

With the least exposed and smoothest and most easily wiped down surfaces, MAXAIR is the most convenient to decontaminate between users and uses.

Additionally, MAXAIR is the more convenient from one use to another over time as there are virtually no maintenance and manual user tests required.

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